Sydney is 9 years old in the 4th grade. This is her LAST year in the elementary school and let me tell you. She can’t wait to be in middle school. This year has been difficult with all the changes in how school is, but she is doing fabulous. She is active in anything and everything she can be. She is in the seventh year of dance lessons. Sydney is in 4H this year and is excited to show all the animals. Pigs, goats, cattle and dogs. Mom isn’t quite sure if she is ready or not, but hey, like I say, “Go big or go home.” She has been in basketball camp for the last month, and hopes that the season will continue. Volleyball has been canceled for this year, but she is busy enough between 4H, basketball, dance, church and working with her animals. We can’t wait to see where this year takes her, she is going to do BIG things in her life. We just know it.

Wade and I started the year out with checking something off my bucket list…. Seeing George Strait in concert. We made a quick trip to Kansas City with some friends to see one of our all-time favorites. It was nice to get away from it all even for just a few hours. We came home to jump right back into our busy lives…. cattle, goats, dogs, kids and of course, pigs. We continue to work on things to try to improve our family, our community, and our world.

We hope that you find God’s blessings throughout the year and the day. We hope you take time this holiday season and reflect on what it truly means. Christ was born in a little manger to save us all. God’s plan for us is to prosper and do good things. We wish you a great 2021.

~The Stremsterfer Family

We hope this letter finds you all well! I think we all can agree, 2020 was a year for the history books…from Tiger King to coin shortages, the COVID-19 Pandemic and the Presidential Election. I can say with certainty, this has been our best year yet. Despite all the curve balls we had thrown at us, as a family we have enjoyed a lot of times this year. We spent more time together doing what we love, getting out into nature and bringing it back together at the dinner table. We spent a lot of time in the pool and barn and were able to have our County Fair. Here is what we have been up too for the year of 2020…

Jackson is 7 years old and is in 1st grade. This is Jackson’s last year in Washington Elementary and he is more than excited to come to Pence. It is the “big kid school.” Jackson keeps us all on our toes. He is active in Clover Kids and church. He hopes that he can play basketball this winter, but we are not sure if that will happen. Jackson has become quite the artist. He enjoys spending time drawing, coloring and watching videos on how to draw different characters from books he reads. Another thing he has become extremely good at is climbing trees. Anytime we are out in the timber, he quickly finds a tree and starts climbing up. He has such a way with animals, especially the puppies. Jackson has such a bright future, and we cannot wait to see how much he grows in the next few years.

Wade, Elly, Sydney & Jackson Stremsterfer
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