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About Us


Welcome to Hickory Hills JackS. My name is Elly Stremsterfer and we are glad you found us. Growing up, my family always had a Jack Russell, the long legged ones. Buck was the first, followed by Minnie Pearl, and Rimshot. When we got married we purchased our first Jack Russell together. Hank was a Parson's Jack and full of energy. He stayed with us through three moves and our daughter being born. When he passed unexpectedly in 2011, it left a big hole in our hearts. We moved into our current home  following year and waited to get settled before finding the right Jack Russell to add to our family.


My husband and I started raising Shortie Jacks back in 2013, when we purchased Annie from Russellville Farms in Louisiana. We knew right away that this was the perfect fit for our life. She fit right in and our kids loved her dearly. We love our dogs and puppies so much and look forward to each litter. It is an opportunity to teach our kids responsibility and priorities.

We raise  our JackS on our farm in southeast Iowa. We raise commercial cattle as well as a variety of other livestock. Sydney and Jackson are in 4-H and love all animals. 



A little about Elly
I work full time as the Youth Director/Administrative Assistant at our church, where I am in charge of all youth activities. I also substitute at my kids' school some. It is always good to be able to check in on your kiddos. :) I lead our children's Clover Kid and 4H Groups, and do a variety of other volunteer work. I enjoy running, well it keeps me sane. I am the schedule keeper of everyone and manage to schedule some time for myself...not often enough though.



A little about Wade

Wade is a Field Manager for TriOak Foods. He serves on the Farm Bureau Board of Directors, Youth Committee for 4H, and SPPR Committee for our church. Wade is always working on our farm, constantly making improvements.



A little about Sydney

Sydney is 12 years old and is in 7th grade. She loves school, reading and learning about history and math. Sydney is involved in band, 4H, Sunday School, and showing goats, cattle and pigs. She enjoys spending time with her family, crafts, and being in the barn. We are so proud of her hard work and the young woman she is becoming.

A little about Jackson

Jackson is 10 years old and is in 4th grade. He loves to learn. Jackson is involved in a variety of activities....4-H,  Sunday School, Kids' Club, piano lessons, and showing dogs, goats, pigs and cattle. You can find him feeding the dogs, riding the 4-wheeler, laying with the puppies or drawing. He is an amazing artist and I share drawings on my stories often. 

We hope you reach out and ask any questions you might have, we will answer them!


AJSA Junior Nationals
July 2023


Summer 2023


AJSA Junior Nationals
July 2023

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